About Us

When I was a young girl growing up in the city I always dreamed of living in the country on a horse farm.

I started riding around the age of nine at a small horse stable in my hometown. When I was there I did everything I could around the barn to earn money for my lessons. I was stung by the horse bug! I couldn’t get enough of the smells and sounds. I soon joined the Oshawa Pony Club. In my early 20’s I met my husband (the country boy!) and he swept me off my feet and moved me to the country. After my first child I was given a beautiful black Quarter horse named High Five. I loved that horse and had so much fun riding her but I decided to put my horse dreams on hold while I was raising my young family.

At the age of eight my daughter Jessica developed a passion for horses. She took lessons on a wonderful little pony named Beethoven who eventually came to be ours. This is where it started all over for me. The smell and sounds of horses had me hooked again.

In 2005 our family bought 75 acres of untouched wooded land. We cleared, fenced and built a home and barn. You might say we did a bit of homesteading. I got another horse.

Just one more thing and my dream would be complete. I wanted to go on a vacation getaway where I could “rough it” but still have some modern amenities to soften my stay. There wasn’t anything like that around so I began to think….why don’t I provide something like that here at Oak Springs Farm and invite ladies to participate, enjoy the outdoors and their horses on a new level. To camp and learn with your horse was the concept.

One night while sitting around the table my family decided that my dream should become a reality. Luckily for me the rest of my family are skilled carpenters. So the plans were made, chainsaws and hammers where put into action and “Yee Haw”! Our first Cowgirl Getaway Retreat was underway.

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