IMTCA Tack Rules

Halters and lead ropes will be rope, leather, or synthetic. Lead ropes shall be sufficient length to safely maneuver through the obstacles, 12’ – 14’ is recommended. Lead chains and correction halters that tighten are not allowed. Whips or crops of any style are not allowed In-Hand or bridleless.

Halters, cavessons, bosals, bosalitas, or nosebands are allowed to be worn under a bridle. Equipment must allow for two fingers to fit between the equipment and the nasal plate. Reference

A horse may be ridden bridleless with no penalty (Only for Open Classes Level 2 or Level 3).

When ridden bridleless the neck strap may be natural or synthetic material. Chain, prong, or spike neck straps are not allowed.

A horse may be ridden bitless with no penalty.

Bitless headstalls that apply compressive pressure and mechanical hackamores are not allowed.

When a Curb strap is used, it may be natural, synthetic, or smooth flat chain. Curb straps will be adjusted to allow a minimum of two fingers flat between the chin and the strap.

When a back cinch is used, a gap of no more than hand laid flat between horse and cinch is allowed.

IMTCA Rule Book

Special Item Rules

  • No rider will be allowed to ride double or bareback at any time.
  • No horse may be shown twice in the same class.
  • Gag bits, of any style, are not allowed.
  • Compression bitless headstalls are not allowed.
  • Mechanical hackamores are not allowed Standing and running martingales are not allowed.
  • Draw reins are not allowed.
  • Tie-downs are not allowed.
  • Use of treats while on course is not allowed.
  • A Test Reader (only for Novice and Level 1), supplied by the handler/rider, may be used to call the next obstacle. The test reader may only say what the next obstacle is, they are not allowed to give detailed instructions for the obstacle. The test reader may not walk next to the participant, if the course is large, they may change locations if needed. An option is the use of electronic devices similar to hand held radios with ear piece for the participant. If an electronic device is used, the test reader shall be near a Challenge Official as the method to ensure detailed instructions are not given. If a test reader is used, a 1-point penalty for Horsemanship will be taken. Test readers are not allowed at Regional or National Events. Equestrians with Disabilities will not be penalized for use of a test reader if prior approval was obtained per Section 8.

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